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Kolping India

Kolping India is one of our empowerment programmes which lays emphasis on holistic development of the target beneficiaries as good citizens and as good human beings. (Sub. – KOLPING INTERNATIONAL, GERMANY).



25th Silver Jubilee of Kolping Beatification  Ceremony - Srivaikundam








On behalf of St. James Kolping Family, Srivaikundam; “Celebration of Kolping family day and 25th year celebration of Kolping Beatification Ceremony” was started with flag hoisting by Rev. Fr. Benjamin De Souza, The Director, TMSSS. Followed by Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Benjamin De Souza, Head of Diocese Kolping family and The Director TMSSS. Rev. Fr. Ravindharan, The Parish priest, of Srivaikundam headed the cultural event conducted in Magilvu Hall. Three Physically challenged people from Srivaikundam received help. In the evening, St James Kolping family, Srivaikundam visited St. Lucia Center for the physically challenged and conducted cultural program for the handicapped children. Children of Kolping family members participated in cultural dance. On Behalf of St. James Kolping family, Srivaikundam Mr. Prathalis gave donation of `8,000/- to Rev. Fr. Gracius, The Director, St. Lucia Center towards buying a motor pump for the Physically challenged children. And also they arranged for dinner for all the inmates.  All the Kolping family members participated in the event. The event was organized by Mr. Benedict, the treasurer of St James Kolping Family, Srivaikundam and  Mr. Siluvai Anthony, Coordinator of Kolping family, Tuticorin.




25th Silver Jubilee of Kolping Beatification  Ceremony - Alwarthirunagari


On behalf of St. Annal Kolping Family, Alwathirunagari; “Celebration of Kolping family day and Kolping Beatification Ceremony” was started with flag hoisting by Rev. Fr. Benjamin De Souza, The Director, TMSSS. Followed by Mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Benjamin De Souza, head of Diocese Kolping family and The Director TMSSS. He distributed free notes and books for the poor students. The event was organized by Mr. Anna Marian, President of St Annal Kolping Family, Alwarthirunagar and Mr. Siluvai Anthony, Coordinator of Kolping family, Tuticorin.





Global Hand Washing Day


On Behalf of TMSSS and Tuticorin Diocese Kolping Families, “Global Hand Washing Day (15.10.16)” was celebrated in RC Middle School, Thailapuram. The event was headed by Mrs. M. Anthony Jeya Mary, Head Mistress of RC Middle School. Mr. Siluvai Anthony, Kolping Co – Ordinator gave a special speech to the School Students and Kolping family members about the importance of washing our hands.  Rev.Fr.Peppi addressed the gathering and started the global hand washing day by waving the Kolping flag. The programme concluded with thanksgiving by Mrs Vanaja Rani, Kolping family animator and supervisor.  62 School Students and 42 Kolping members participated in the Global Hand washing day celebration. The programme was organized by Mr.Siluvai Anthony, Coordinator and Mrs. Lourdhu, Animator of Kolping.




A Travel towards a Self Sufficient Village

Introduction Programme


On behalf of TMSSS Kolping, “Oorani”: “A Travel towards self sufficient village” program was conducted in St.Joseph Hall, Kootapuli on 10.09.16. The function was presided over by Rev.Fr.Maria Valan, parish priest, Kootapuli. Rev.Fr. Benjamin De Souza, Director, TMSSS gave a special speech about the theme of the meeting. He explained how every village needs to be empowered and supported by this type of group, which is being organized now. This social action group will assist the parish priest initiating social awareness and other related social activities.

The Kolping coordinator Mr.Siluvai explained how this travel towards self sufficient village will carry on the 5 point agenda. 1) Small savings for the children. 2) Income generating activity for the women. 3) Talent Exposure is Art and culture. 4) Social, legal and political awareness. 5) Social Action in the village. Retired Teacher Mrs.Rosary gave an innovative speech about the past and future of the Kootapuli village. Members of Anbiyams, Catechism teachers, Youth group representative and students of the parish participated in the event. The function was organized by Mr.Siluvai Antony, the Coordinator of Kolping scheme and Selvi.Sathya, the Animator. 

Women’s Day Celebration

Women’s Day was celebrated on 20th March 2016 at Pudukudiyiruppu by the kolping members of Elangulam federation. The function started with flag hoisting by Mr.Vanaja Rani, a member of Diocesan Governing Body.

Mrs.Vasanthi delivered a speech highlighting the participation and involvement of women in our National Development.

Games and competitions were organized and winners received prizes those were distributed by Fr.Vasanthan, the Parish Priest of Kilavaneri. Cultural events too organized and many women from the federation staged varieties of folk.

The programme was organized by the coordinator Mr.Siluvai Antony and the field staff Ms.Sathya.




Camp on Deaddiction and sanitation at Veerapandianpattanam

A two days camp was organized for the kolping members of Thoothukudi Diocese on 21st & 22nd November 2015. The camp aimed to bring deaddiction and sanitation awareness among the people of Veerapandianpattanam, the adopted village of Thoothukudi Kolping.

The meetig started with the talk by Fr.Rex, the director of Vidivelli Deaddiction and Rehabilitation Centre who, guided the people to understand and guide the alcoholic.

The members visited 267 families near St.Xaviers and Our Lady of Velankanni Churches.

During the visit, the members also met number of cancer patients. Thoothukudi kolping has taken the following resolutions on the final day of the camp.

i)  Assist the houses to built toilets where there is no toilets.

ii) The kolping members of Veerapandianpattanam will visit the families of alcoholic addicted persons once in a month and guide and assist them for treatment.

iii) To conduct a cancer medical camp with the assistance of Adaiyar Cancer Hospital.








Seventh General Body Meeting of Kolping, Thoothukudi


The seventh General Body Meeting of Kolping, Thoothukudi took place on 8th November 2015. The meeting started with prayer and flag hoisting by Fr. Antony Raj, the National Director, Kolping India.


Income and expenditure for the period April 2015 – October 2015 was submitted.




-     Kolping members’ Family fund scheme was explained and all the members accepted to contribute `100/- per year. This amount will be given along with annual subscription.


-     Death claim from the Diocesan Federation is increased `10,000/- from January 2016.


-     `10,000/- will be donated to Lucia Centre for the construction of Dining hall.


-     Development fund will be 3% in flat instead of 6% diminishing; This 3% will be collected in the first month itself. This will be practiced from January 2016.


-     The theme for the awareness rally 2016 is ‘Family Values’.


-     Special activities for 2016 and responsible federations were selected.


a)         Women’s Day – Ilankulam Federation.


b)         Rosary Procession – Manapad Federation.


c)         World Sanitation Day – Kurukusalai Federation.


d)         Annual Kolping Day – Thoothukudi Federation.


-     The closing ceremony of the Silver Jubilee of Blessed Adolph Kolping will be celebrated by Thoothukudi Kolping Federation.  Quiz and cultural competition among the Kolping Federation will be conducted during the function.


-     The Thoothukudi Kolping Federation adopted Miss.Nishanthi, whose father was murdered acouple of months back, from this year till completion of bachelor degree.


-     It is resolved that every kolping member has a toilet in their house by end of June 2016.


The meeting came to end with the thanks giving Eucharist by Fr.Silvester.


The best Kolping Family 2015, Fatima Annai Kolping Family and best kolping animator 2015, Miss.Sathya were awarded and given a momento for their best performance.


Kolping Co-ordinator Mr.Siluvai Antony made all the arrangement with the collaborations of animators and lead the meeting.


Kolping Day of Thailapuram Kolping Federation

Annual Kolping Day and the inauguration of Blessed Adolph Kolping silver Jubilee was celebrated by Thailapuram Kolping federation in Srivaikundam on 1st November 2015.

The celebration started with Holy Mass by Fr.Maria Valan, Thoothukudi Kolping Director and concelebrated with Fr.Ravindran, the parish priest of Srivaikundam.

Kolping family members from 7 villages participated along with their children.  Poor from all the seven villages  selected and given assistance.

The federation members contributed `1,000/- for the Diocesan Kolping Education Fund.

The planning and execution of the celebration was done by Mr.Siluvai Antony, the coordinator and Mrs.Lourdhu, the animator.




 Loan for Kolping family


TMSSS distributed loan for VTP and housing for its members. This programme took place on 3rd October 2015 at Jeevanagar of Thiruchendur. Fourteen kolping members received VTP loan for their children and five members for housing.


Thoothukudi kolping federation has distributed `3,20,000 in addition to the National office for VTP.


The prgramme was organized by the coordinator Mr.Siluvai Antony. Fr.Gracis, the parish priest of Jeevanagar and our Diocesan director were present for the function.




Rosary Procession for Peace

Thoothukudi Multipurpose Social Service Society along with Thoothukudi Diocesan Kolping family organized a Rosary Procession on 4th October 2015. The procession started at Kilavaneri with a prayer and blessing from Rev.Fr.Vasanthan, the Parish Priest of Kilavaneri.  Kolping members from Children Kolping Kilavaneri, Youth Kolping Kilavaneri, St.Xavier Kolping and Our Lady of Fatima Kolping families of Pudukudiyiruppu and St.Arockianathar Kolping of Nadu Arupuli were participated in the procession.

People of Pudukudiyiruppu, Nadu Arupuli and T.Kallikulam welcomed our members offering Tiffin in their villages. The Rosary procession came to an end with the thanks giving Eucharist at Our Lady of Snows Church, T.Kallikulam.

We thank Fr.Vasanthan, Fr.Johnsonraj and the people of the villages for their co-operation.

The programme was organized by the coordinator Mr.Siluvai Antony, Animators Miss.Sathya and Mr.Santhanaraj.



Human Rights Awareness and Distribution of VTP Loan

Thoothukudi Kolping family organized a Human Rights Awareness training on 20th Sunday of September 2015.

Mrs.Sammanasu conducted the training in which 35 persons participated. Fundamental Rights and RTI 2005 was explained to the participants.

The children of three kolping family members were given educational loan for the tune of ` 1,10,000/-.

The Coordinator Mr.Siluvai Antony organized the programme.


Awareness on Legal Rights

TMSSS conducted a meeting on 13.09.2015 for the representatives of Kolping families on Legal Rights at Jeevanagar. The meeting started with prayer by Fr.Gracis Michael, the parish priest of Jeevanagar.

A detailed presentation on Fundamental Rights and RTI 2005 was delivered by Mr.Santhanaraj.

The representatives from Elangulam and Manapad Kolping federation participated in the meeting.

Mr.Siluvai Antony, the co-ordinator organized the entire programme.